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Sorry I’m taking so long to do stories on my Austin trip. I still have my job, and lately it’s been a bitch. I remain committed to doing good work in my final two weeks there, which either makes me a damned useful employee or a real chump. You be the judge.

I only just got my car back yesterday after going two days without, and that I spent over $750 on a new alternator, battery and headlight assembly (former just quit on me, latter some idiot backed into, at least that’s my theory for why it was pushed in with no other body damage,) building and keeping an audience for this site is not a high priority.

But I do still have my notes from the con, and plan to continue it, however long it takes. As detailed as I’ve been, some of this stuff will last readers until the end of the year.


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  1. Work, BAH! you need to write more about the con! Come on, we want to know all the juicy details and we can’t have you take all those months to do a good job, just write quickly ;)

    Of course I’m kidding. But I am curious to know what all happened since I didn’t get to go this year.

    Oh and what’s happening with you? Last two weeks at the newspaper? Then what?

    Comment by Kasirak — September 26, 2003 #

  2. Then I move south to a new job I have lined up, at a different, larger newspaper.

    Comment by J. — September 26, 2003 #

  3. Where South? :-)

    Long time no hear from you- I see you’ve set up your own domain/website. Nice. :-)

    Comment by Svartalf — October 1, 2003 #

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