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So I drive down to Austin to see Adam West live at the Alamo Drafthouse, where they’re playing the 1966 “Batman” movie. Hook up with friends Mark and Elan and head downtown. Mark gets a parking spot less than a block away, and is euphoric.

It would be the only time all night any of us felt that way.

To start off, Elan forgot to buy a ticket online, and since this was the late showing, it was sold out. Doh. He gets a cab back to Mark’s place to pick up his car.

The marquee at the Alamo read, “Adam West Live” and below, “The Jerk.” The latter referred to the classic Steve Martin movie which was playing at midnight, but it could just as well have referred to the onetime caped crusader, whom we found out later would be coming with his old “little Robin buddy,” Burt Ward.

Problem was, they were 45 minutes late, and the Alamo wouldn’t start the late showing without him. Lady from the Alamo stood outside with a mic and loudspeakers trying to keep everyone shivering in the 40-odd degree weather (not really cold, just enough to piss you off if you’re waiting for a glimpse of the Batmobile) entertained, at least so we wouldn’t riot.

We didn’t riot, but we weren’t really entertained. There was some Billy Idol lookalike who had this Batman-themed outfit on — Batman as done by Billy Idol’s tailor, that is. If I get my pictures uploaded, I’ll show what I mean. He was sort of entertaining — people were getting their pictures taken with him. I played my GBA and stayed away from him.

At 10:20, I turn to Mark and say I’ve had enough, that if West doesn’t show in 10 minutes, we should bail. Mark was only there because he thought it might be fun, and to be honest, that’s the only reason I was there. I hated the original Batman series, and would have no interest in watching the movie if it was played anywhere besides the Alamo. That place can make anyone or anything entertaining.

Ten minutes pass. I tell Mark we should split. And right on cue, here comes an SUV full of people dressed like characters from the show — Batgirl, the Riddler and The Penguin (the latter if he was 6 feet tall and had lost a lot of weight.) A limo with West and Ward followed thereafter.

But Mark and I had had enough. We took the free passes that were offered as a courtesy for the delay, and went home. Shrug. Not the most fun night I’ve ever had, but at least I got out of the house.

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