Gaming troll of the year, maybe rss

Doom for Columbine!

No, don’t take it seriously, even though the “developers” claim they’re totally serious about whatever “message” they’re trying to send (so far, it seems to be, “lol punkd”).

And if you read PlanetCrap before you read this page, don’t bother, you’ll be blocked.

Once Upon a Time in Austin (I mean Mexico) rss

Just rolled in from my four-day vacation in Austin, where I spent the better part of the first two days at the Austin Game Conference. I hope to get some essay action out of it over the next week or so, but right now I have other things on my mind. Some highlights to think on:

  • J. meets Jessica Mulligan in person, and what she wrote in his copy of her book
  • Mike Steele changes J.’s mind about eBay
  • Notes on speeches by Mark Jacobs (where we’ve been, where we were and where we are), Raph Koster (entertainment is art, and doodles are entertaining), Jeff Hickman (customer service is the red-headed stepchild of the game industry), Richard Zinser and D. Scott Mattson (yeah, us too), Rich Vogel (new game development is HARD) and Todd Coleman (but it can be done for cheaper than you think)
  • J. spends way too much money on everything, then gets sick to death and spends 24 hours holed up in a hotel room
  • Thoughts on being “in the industry,” or not being

But all that will have to wait. Right now my brain is gnashing on what I saw at a crappy little storefront movie theater on the way back home: Robert Rodriguez’s latest swan song, “Once Upon A Time in Mexico.”

Short version: IT SUCKED. Long version with spoilers follows.
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Ubisoft’s new logo rss

“Our new logo is our emblem.” Did we lose something in the translation here? And why does it look like a downward spiral?

Granted, it can be reduced to a square-ish shape instead of the old logo that always had to be a rectangle. But I would have taken the fruity rainbow over the shadowy mauve button. If “Ubisoft” is now just one word, how come the Web site is “”?

Devil Whiskey demo released rss

Devil Whiskey is an OpenGL-ready 3D successor of The Bard’s Tale. The interface is roughly the same as before, but of course you can run it on much larger screens, and the story is supposedly original (they’re not just subbing Rennibister for Skara Brae, which would be BAD.)

Grab the demo. Now with a BitTorrent link and a few mirrors.

John Carmack wants to walk on the fucking moon. rss

Insert joke about shooting game developers into orbit.

More here.

“Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket, we are on the fucking moon.” rss

What Neil Armstrong really said, this time with grainy visual aids.

Smut in Harry Potter rss

Just so you all have something to read. From Cult of the Dead Cow, which has had fucking forever to work on its game. No, the first link won’t get you fired if you read at work, but the second might.

Weekends are nice to have. rss

Especially when they’re five days long. Sorry, everybody.

Got out of the house, got to visit Wolfpack at their offices again. Weird place there, these days. My search for a new job continues, and I have an interview on Saturday. Where I end up going, besides staying in Texas, is still way the hell up in the air.

But that’s me all over. No direction, no clear ambitions. So long as I have money in the bank and my debts are manageable, I’m ready to take on the world all at once or one happenstance at a time.

Hooray for me.

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