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At least I’m not Marc Jacobs. Yeah, I know the guy’s got a company to run, but that should give him more to talk about, not less. Not that I have a huge interest in what the guy has to say these days beyond what Scott points out or when I have a cheap joke in mind.

Actually, with the way Warhammer’s shaking out these days, I doubt he has much good to write about.

Todd Coleman on Designing Spaces rss

Talking about Wizard 101 and how it’s all kid-friendly and stuff. EXTREME CLOSEUPS.

You’ve come a long way, baby. I might update later when I actually watch it all the way through.

Watch Sita Sings the Blues rss

Here. I’ve got my Limited Edition Festival Screener DVD at home, which proves that everyone who hasn’t donated both can get a DVD and were totally justified. Watch it anyway.

Also, yes, I have a job. Stuff happens. I don’t know. Metal Gear.

Tom Brevoort on Grant Morrison rss

From his blog, talking about the original Skrull Kill Krew:

The artist for the project was Steve Yeowell, a 2000 AD veteran who had worked with Grant on Zenith. The characters themselves, however, were designed by Brendan McCarthy at Grant’s urging (and after a lukewarm reception to Steve?s initial visualizations.) Throughout most of the process of producing the series, I mainly communicated with Mark [Millar] — not only were we largely on the same wavelength in terms of the sorts of comics we liked, but I had terrible timing when it came to getting in touch with Grant. Like clockwork, every time I called him, I later found out, he had immediately previously taken one consciousness-altering substance or another, and between that and Grant’s accent, and the not-always-wonderful international phone connection, it was virtually impossible for the two of us to understand one another.

Which if anyone hasn’t seen Morrison’s infamous speech at DisInfoCon about magic and being abducted by aliens and other bizarreness that only could come from his brain and his alone, should explain that well, he’s always been like that.

For whoever doesn’t know, Morrison and Millar are two of the most prominent mainstream superhero comic book writers in the business; Morrison mainly at DC, Millar mainly at Marvel.

Setting “Sita” free rss

I’ve been a fan of Sita Sings the Blues, the animated serial that gradually became a feature work by Nina Paley for quite a while now. I missed out last fall when it came to the Austin Film Festival, and have yet to see the finished, completed work, only the five segments that were released early during its production, not counting the trailer.

Given that it was made without any advance concern about legal propriety, full distribution is apparently a problem. “Sita” makes use of songs by Annette Hanshaw, a 1930s blues singer whose work is largely obscured now, but no one wants to rely on “fair use” if you start burning DVDs.

So, in true artist to-hell-with-the-system fashion, Paley’s decided to copyleft the whole business and raise the $50,000 necessary to get “Sita” out of “copyright jail.” After which, presumably, the DVDs can be “given away” to anyone who wants one.

Good enough for me. $50 from me to bail out Sita. And you should give, too. Roger Ebert likes Sita. James Kochalka likes Sita. BoingBoing likes Sita. Heidi McDonald likes Sita.

You really should, too.

User generated content is the future of video games. rss



Why I post on the IGDA forums. rss

It just keeps topping itself in terms of sheer fear and loathing.

Yeah. And you better not need any of that explained to you. Only on the IGDA forums, folks. FEAR AND LOATHING.

“Most people aren’t level designers” rss

At about 10:30 in the latest Australian Gamer podcast, guest ranter Yahtzee makes this utterance to criticize games like Spore and LittleBigPlanet that rely on player-created content to work at all.

Which is pretty much what I’ve been telling people a whole lot lately, except one step further: “If people could entertain themselves, there would be no entertainment industry because no one would pay for anyone else’s creations.”

But yeah, that’s the thing now, making the digital equivalent of two rocks, a stick and some dirt, neglecting the historical truth that not everyone tried to make a real game out of those things, and those who tried rarely came up with anything good that anyone else wanted to play.

I suspect this will bear out over the next few years or so, and I will gloat. A lot.

Why Fury’s not so hot rss

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s this fantasy-themed, sorta-MMO, way hardcore player-on-player competitive video game-like thing called Fury, and it’s not doing well. Just how well is up to rumor and speculation, and who to blame for it is as well, but at least one (ex-)employee has blogged about it.

Lord Hades, guildmaster of Lords of the Dead, posted his perspective on the issue, in response to the CEO of Fury’s developer suggesting in regards to the rumors, in so many words, “cry more noob,” over on Lum’s site. I copied it here, it’s after the jump.

Short version: His guild might have pwned some noobs, but don’t blame them for ruining Fury, as it was pretty hosed from the get-go. Does it mean PvP-heavy MMOs are a losing proposition? We’re not going that far, and neither is Lum.

(Disclaimer: Hades is a longtime Internet acquaintance of mine, we used to run the Shadowbane Herald program together and plugged me as a community-manager candidate for Fury, which went as far as a phone interview and would have involved me fucking off to Australia had I got the job, which would have left me rather high and dry. Bullet dodged.)

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Mike Wilson apologizes for (Game)cock-up at stupid awards show rss

Note: This will probably not make a whole lot of sense to anyone who does not read Destructoid, is not aware of Gamecock Media, or did not watch (or care to watch, like I didn’t) the SpikeTV Video Game Awards show that aired Sunday.

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